Personal Testimonials

At Well Care Services, we are focused on helping people deal with their depression, relationship issues, grief, anxiety, family issues, personal, trauma, or significant life transitions. We tailor our approach to a client’s individual needs, design therapy to address the specific problems a person wants to work on, and we provide a safe and comfortable therapy environment that enables you to work through your thoughts, feelings and life stressors so that the journey to healing and obtaining relief can begin. We utilize a collaborative approach that allows you to set the pace and take a warm, but direct approach in helping you meet your goals. We believe that people are able to heal from issues related to life’s stress and past trauma, and we honor your courage to begin that journey.

Discovering who you are and your purpose is what helps you to be true to yourself and live your best life. Our goals are to lead individuals, families and couples who are uncertain about their direction and vision, help them begin their journey or re-discovery, refocusing and refining their passions, direction, and life purpose. Whether you are on a journey of introspection or have undergone a life transition (grief, sudden loss, divorce/separation) we offer professional guidance and the support you need to reclaim your identity, determine your direction and achieve fulfillment.

Matthew Lopez

We believe that if you give someone the right tools they can succeed. Meet Matthew Lopez one of our recent graduates of the Well Care Work Program. He has successfully completed the program and has already started working.

Johnn V.

Joseph R.

After years of struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, depression and the death of my brother I became homeless, hopeless and gave up on my life. On my last hospital visit a member of the Well Care staff came and gave me a second chance at life, I was at the lowest point in my life. I have been part of the Well Care program for the last 5 months and since then I have been working hard towards recovery everyday. I have been blessed with a second chance at life and feel proud that other people look at me as a great role model in my home. I enjoy the simple things in life like cooking meals for the entire home. I attend every appointment and am clean and sober.

Michael C.

"My name is Michael and I am an alcoholic and addict. A little over 90 days ago I was walking the streets of Las Vegas in a drunken stupor, looking for more alcohol or drugs to keep from getting physically sick. I had been on and off the streets for over a year this time. I had been in and out of the many emergency rooms and psychiatric hospitals in Las Vegas many times during this past year. The last time I was admitted to a psychiatric unit of a local hospital, the Well Care people started coming in and asking me if I wanted help. I was sent to a well-structured sober living group home and I began going to Eric's Friday meeting at Well Care, I began going to some "outside" 12 step meetings too. I continued making my Well Care appointments and I finished the IOP group that I was in. I began to be somewhat responsible. When I finally stopped fighting, I began to get results. Today, as a result of the help offered to me by the Well Care people, the IOP group that I had finished and my own hard work I am clean and sober. I have moved out of the sober living house, I am looking for work and am actively involved with 12 step meetings and still making my Well Care appointments. Also, and most importantly, I am working harder and harder each day to continue to be the biggest part of my own personal recovery. I am part of my own solution."

Jason L.

"I was admitted to the hospital about 6 months ago and while I was there Well Care came in and saved me from my unimaginable living conditions. I would constantly have loud audio hallucinations, which made me drink, use drugs and I thought about committing suicide all the time. Homeless and feeling nothing but darkness I was blessed with a second chance at life, I have been part of the Well Care program for the last 6 months. Since then I have been working hard towards my recovery. I am now prudent and actively seeking help from Well Care to become and stay self-sufficient."

Kimble P.

"To all associates and clients of Well Care Behavior and Rehabilitation. It is with special thanks to Dave and Don for the opportunity so freely given to others and me, clients with special needs. All I can say to everyone that is thinking about coming to the Well Care program, keep an open mind, be willing and be honest, this recovery program works. Live here and now and move forward in your lives with their help."

Jamal M. 

"I am from Queens and have lived in Las Vegas for half of my life. I have been angry and distraught throughout my entire life. I came into the Well Care program on November 11, 2015 determined to change my life. I always blamed everybody in my life including myself for everything that has happened to me over the years. I have had great support from Donald Clemons my case manager, Daniela my therapist and my BST worker Bernie. I actually had to start believing in my progress and as soon as I did things started changing for me. Now a year later I have become an assistant manager for one of the houses that helped me out the most in my journey. Now I am able to speak to and for the people that are going through the same things I did or similar to it. I thank Well Care for everything and will never forget it."

William M. 

If it weren’t for this program I would be dead. This program saved my life. I got homeless then I got depressed and suicidal. Amerigroup connected me with Wellcare. I bucked the system at first. I didn’t want the help. The doctors are great. The therapists are wonderful. The CM’s are wonderful. The Vivitrol shot got me off alcohol. Alcohol was killing me. They got me a therapist. Everything in one spot. I am glad I am not on the Klonopin’s anymore either. I feel better. I recommend this program to anybody. I keep cards and pass them out to homeless people. They got my ID for me. You can’t beat this program. I would have died of a heart attack or I would have killed myself. Without a doubt, this program saved my life. My brother wishes there was a program like this in Ohio because of the changes he has seen in me.

James G. 

My name is James Greene. I wanted to thank Well Care for everything that they have done to help me in getting my life back together. In less than 3 weeks I have went from being homeless and jobless to the exact opposite. From my case manager Dave to the house managers (Russ & Joe) and to the medical staff at the clinic, all have been professional, courteous and helpful. I’m currently in an independent living program on 10th street. Well Care helped me get permanent housing. They helped me by providing food, shelter, hygiene products; clothing, transportation and even a bus pass to get to my newfound job. I’ve received medical care and was prescribed needed medicines all through Well Care. What is so amazing is that they offer all this help and I haven’t paid out of pocket costs for all these valuable resources. I am back on track to becoming a productive member of society, in much less time than I thought possible. Thank you for all the continued help.