Well Care Pharmacy Services

Our core business has always been Pharmacy. As our company evolved, we focused more on pharmacy services that require higher level of services and expertise. We are dedicated to making our customers a priority and it is our mission to provide excellent service.

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Physician Dispensing

MDRx empowers physicians to dispense medication directly to patients. Ensure your patients get the medication they need. Founded by practicing pharmacists with years of experience in the operational workflow of retail pharmacies, MDRx helps physicians provide improved care for their patients while also maximizing profits for their private practice.

When medications are dispensed at the point of care, prescriptions won’t go unfilled and patient compliance is more easily ensured. Built on the pillars of knowledge, experience and customer care, MDRx is committed to providing the best end-to-end solution in the physician dispensing industry.

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Well Care Pharmacy specializes in providing excellent service to patients residing in long term care facilities and group homes. We understand the level of service our patients require, and we tailor our services to meet their needs. Our pharmacy team are experts in psychiatric and geriatric medications and pain management therapy.

We want to alleviate the stress of family members worrying about medications for their loved ones and provide free delivery throughout the Las Vegas and Henderson area; our competitors charge for their delivery services.

Well Care Long Term Care Pharmacy is owned by Sonoran Group LLC doing business as Well Care LTC Pharmacy and operated by the Well Care Group

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Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding provides an opportunity to create unique blends of pharmaceuticals and supplements to treat a variety of conditions for individual patients. Compounding allows the physician and pharmacist to target an individual solution that is designed for your body and set of conditions unique to you.

Because they are designed with you in mind, compounded medications can often be more effective, quicker acting and leave you with fewer side effects.

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Pharmacy lien Services

A division of The Well Care Group, Well Care Pharmacy Lien Services specializes in providing prescription medication on a lien basis for personal injury and workers compensation claims in the Las Vegas, Nevada market.

Our process is patient centric, working closely with attorneys and physicians to ensure that their clients and patients are focused on recovery instead of how to secure their medication. We are committed to providing unparalleled service, with no cost to the patient, attorney or physician.

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