Our Story

Our story began with the opening of our first location, Well Care Pharmacy in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007. At the time, our mission was simple, “Create a Pharmacy that made a difference in people’s lives.” Our primary goal was to offer excellent customer service, affordable prices to the uninsured, and free delivery anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley. With an aggressive expansion plan, Well Care Pharmacy soon became the largest independently owned Pharmacy chain in Las Vegas expanding from 1 location to multiple locations serving communities across the Las Vegas Valley.

In 2013, a major consolidation in the industry occurred and Well Care Pharmacy successfully sold its retail operations to CVS Pharmacy while retaining its Compounding Pharmacy and “Long Term Care” Pharmacy that serviced hospitals, group homes and skilled nursing facilities. Today, we continue to operate Well Care Compounding, Long Term Care and MDRx, a program that enables Physicians and Private Practices to dispense medication at the point of care.

During this transition, we piloted a new program, Well Care Health, utilizing Clinical Pharmacists in an effort to reduce hospital readmissions. In its first year of adoption, Well Care Health was able to show dramatic improvement in patient outcomes and measurable reduction in readmissions. Today the program is deployed at 90% of the hospitals in Las Vegas. On the heels of the program’s success, we expanded our clinical services to the behavioral population.

In 2015, we introduced Well Care Mental Health1, a service focused on healthcare solutions for the behavioral and homeless population in Las Vegas. We opened our first clinic in October 2015 and another 8,000 square foot Medical and Behavioral Clinic in January 2016.

The goal was to create an integrated healthcare service model that included psychiatric care, primary care, medication management, therapy, case management and housing services for the underserved. Through this program, we were able to impact the patients and community we serve as well as deliver measurable results to our healthcare partners. The vision expanded to Northern Nevada and we opened Well Care Medical and Behavioral Clinic2 in Reno Nevada in October 2016.

As we continue to evolve as a company, we are proud to have stayed true to our original mission of creating services and/or products that make a difference in a positive way. Moving forward, we pledge to continue to challenge the status quo in the delivery of healthcare and strive to create new programs through the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team, partners, patients and communities we serve.

1 MedTrans Casal LLC doing business as Well Care Services, is an independent clinic and provider of health care services, and is owned by a physician in accordance with the laws of the state of its organization

2 MedTrans Reno Casal LLC doing business as Well Care Medical and Behavioral Clinic Reno, is an independent clinic and provider of health care services, and is owned by a physician in accordance with the laws of the state of its organization