World Mental Health Day


October 10th is World Mental Health Day - a time to raise awareness about conditions like anxiety and depression that affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This year's theme is mental health in the workplace.

We spoke with the health care professionals at Well Care Behavioral and Medical Clinic in Reno about what the effects are, and what we can do about it.

"It's easier to be an alcoholic or a drug abuser than to have mental health because people automatically go to 'they're crazy,'" says Lisa Leatham-Vancil, Director of Therapy & MCAT Services at The Well Care Group.

A private counseling session is the perfect place to get help for a mental health issue, but many of us don't seek help, even when we need it. A stigma still exists.

But the truth is, anxiety and depression are two of most common disorders to affect men, women and children ...this year, the World Health Organization is shining the light on workplace stress. The combination of a high pressure or negative environment plus problems we bring with us can affect our experience at work.

"And I think it's important to be understanding and mindful that your office-mate or somebody in the workplace is having some kind of an issue and to be understanding and patient with that person," says Lisa Rogers, MS, Director of Quality Compliance at the Well Care Group.

"There needs to be openness about talking about stress, depression, anxiety and being able to go to someone," says Leatham-Vancil.

Many employers in the U.S. offer that kind of help through something called the Employee Assistance Program or EAP …mental health and addiction services free of charge and confidential.

"And people need to know they can go there and it's not reported back to their employer" says Leatham-Vancil.

While different people display different symptoms when it comes to mental health disorders, there are some signs to be aware of in yourself or others.

"Some people might be anxious, some people may start to cry, some people may start to isolate," explains Rogers

"We all have stress; I think it depends on how we manage it. If we have a good support team around us that we can talk to," says Leatham-Vancil.

The Well Care Group Teams Up With The Salvation Army


On September 21, 2017 The Well Care Group teamed up with the Salvation Army and fed almost 1000 homeless and displaced individuals.  The Well Care staff was on-site serving the Las Vegas residents and screening individuals to see if they were candidates for the Well Group's many programs. 


An interesting fact, is that a Well Care Group member, who struggled for a long time, is now working in the Salvation Army kitchen, going to culinary school and has been sober for 3 months. His supervisor there says he is doing wonderfully. 

Serving the community 

Serving the community 

Well Care Assessment Team 

Well Care Assessment Team 

Well Care Staff getting ready to serve up to 1000 people 

Well Care Staff getting ready to serve up to 1000 people 

Well Care Staff 

Well Care Staff 

Salvation Army 

Salvation Army 

Well Care 921 #10.jpg
Robert Driscoll Clinical Director of The Well Care Group  & Juan Salinas Director of Social Services at the Salvation Army   

Robert Driscoll Clinical Director of The Well Care Group  & Juan Salinas Director of Social Services at the Salvation Army 


Jeremy, head chef at the Salvation Army. Five years ago Jeremy was homeless, today he has a new skill, new job and is no longer homeless.   

Jeremy, head chef at the Salvation Army. Five years ago Jeremy was homeless, today he has a new skill, new job and is no longer homeless. 


Bringing healthcare clinic to underserved


A unique and successful medical practice that started in the Las Vegas area has now established a footprint in Northern Nevada.

In 2015, The Well Care Group piloted a program, aimed at reducing the number of readmissions among the underserved population in the Southern Nevada city. The program was so successful it was implemented at 90 percent of hospitals in Las Vegas. 

"It has done so well in Las Vegas there was no reason it could not impact the population in Northern Nevada," said Max Casal, who is CFO as well as managing director of the Northern Nevada division of Well Care.

Max's brother Michael Casal serves as director of women's health women health for Well Care Northern Nevada. 


“Myself and my brothers are very entrepreneurial and have a balance of financial and clinical understanding.”Max Casal

The Reno facility called Well Care Medical and Behavioral Clinc, provides preventive integrated psychiatric and primary healthcare services for underserved populations in the region such as the indigent, homeless or other sectors that may not have the means to get medical treatment. 

"If you really think about it these are the types of patients who are down and out, nobody wants to take care of them," Michael Casal said. "These are the people who really need our help. They don't have the finances to do it, so we try to provide them with the resources to transition to a more independent lifestyle."

While the clinic's focuses on a patient's mental health issues, Michael and Max Casal explained part of that treatment is addressing a patient's physical well-being simultaneously. They added that patient's mental illnesses may have a lot to do with physical complications.

The practice is unique in that it incorporates other aspects of healthcare, including a team of medical, case management and pharmaceutical professionals to assist patients during and after treatment — all in one location. That can save time and money.

"When I'm treating a patient, I can just go down the hall if I need to speak to, say, their primary physician or speak with the case manager," Michael Casal said.

While they have the majority of necessary services onsite, they do work with area medical service providers for needed patient care. 

In Las Vegas, Well Care also has added other services such as transportation and temporary housing options for patients in an effort to eliminate obstacles to attending appointments or obtaining medications. The Casals has made efforts to mirror those added amenities to patients in Northern Nevada.

The practice started out as Well Care Pharmacy in 2007 dedicated to Las Vegas' underserved elderly population, before they were sold to CVS Pharmacies. While they maintained a foothold in the pharmaceutical industry, the practice morphed into The Well Care Group model.

Max and Michael's brother, Marce Casal, patriarch of Well Care, serves as president and CEO and is based in Las Vegas.

In the short time they've been in Reno, the Casals established another practice that they don't offer in Southern Nevada: women's health services.

Michael Casal operates an obstetrician and gynecology practice in Tennessee and travels to Northern Nevada at least once a month for several days to monitor the clinical side of the practice and provide women's health services.

Max Casal, who has a background in advertising and finance, was brought on to bring balance to the clinic's operations. He admitted while he's a relative novice in the medical industry, he is excited for the new challenges and eager for Well Care concept to grow in the region.

"Myself and my brothers are very entrepreneurial and have a balance of financial and clinical understanding," he said.

Michael Casal added, "I think we compliment each other really well both on the clinical and financial side. We are of no use to our clients, no matter how noble it is, unless we make sound business decisions. We build off each other's strengths to make sure this clinic runs efficiently."

Well Care's Northern Nevada office has been situated at 790 Willow Street, in Reno. But the Casals quickly realized the 2,500 square foot space couldn't adequately support the demand for the services the clinic provides. In response, the clinic is relocating to an 8,000 square foot location on Mill Street.

While the Casals believe they've found their niche, they don't want to lose site of their mission.

"I think you don't want to go too fast and compromise a lot of the care we provide to our clients," Max Casal said. "We're still a very patient-centric clinic."

Max and Michael Casal contend a good percentage of the underserved population is unaware of the clinic. One of their future goals is to figure out ways to reach that sector and educate them on the benefits of the clinic.

They understand the hardships.

"Growing up in the Philippines, we weren't exposed to a lot of the finer things in life," Michael Casal said. "When we immigrated to the United States, we felt like that underserved population was the type of people we wanted to serve. In Nevada we have a subset of people really needing good healthcare."

Las Vegas Based Healthcare Company Moves Current Clinic in Reno, Nevada

wellcare group logo.png

Las Vegas Based Healthcare Company Moves Current Clinic in Reno, Nevada The Well Care Group announces expansion and new location

Reno, NV - (August 8th, 2017) – The Well Care Group is moving on August 14th, 2017 from their current location at 790 Willow Street Reno, Nevada 89502 to 850 Mill Street Reno, Nevada 89502.  The Las Vegas based company expanded to Reno in 2016, and in less than one year the clinic has exceeded performance expectations and outgrown it’s current location. This exciting move will help to accommodate even more patients and allow the clinic to offer expanded and improved services.


The Well Care Group’s clinic model is the first of its kind in Reno. Services include Psychiatry, Therapy, Basic Skills Training (BST), Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR), Case Management, Housing, Primary Care, Woman’s Health and Housing. The Well Care Group’s unique approach offers patients comprehensive care with a whole-person approach to their medical and psychological needs. Well Care Services has a wrap-around comprehensive approach to treating patients and they offer a wide array of services with their licensed providers.


Reno Well Care Clinic is located at:

850 Mill Street

Reno, Nevada 89502

P: (775) 538-6700

Las Vegas Based Healthcare Company Offers Free Depression Screenings In September in Observance of Suicide Prevention Month Free Events All Month Long To Help The Mentally Ill and Homeless Population

wellcare group logo.png

Las Vegas, NV - (September 5th, 2017) – The Well Care Group is proud to offer FREE depression screenings every Friday in the month of September from 1p-3p at the Las Vegas Clinic in observance of Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is the 6th leading cause of death for Nevadans. Males make up 80% of suicide deaths at an average rate of 33.3 per 100,000. Nevada seniors over 60 have the highest suicide rate in the nation, over double the national average for the same age group (Source: Department of Health and Human Services).

Well Care Services will be holding two special events in September. The first event will be held on September 14, 2017 between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm at the Salvation Army apartment complex, which is a one-year temporary housing program. They will be offering services, checking availability and scheduling appointments. There will be therapist on site to assist with screenings (i.e. depression and anxiety). The second event will be held on September 21, 2017 between 1:00pm and 6:00pm for the homeless population at the Salvation Army.  The Well Care Group will be providing free meals that are expected to feed 250 to 300 homeless people.  Again, they will be offering services, screening people and if applicable getting them into their CSP or Annex programs.


Well Care Clinic

5412 Boulder Highway

Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

Las Vegas Based Healthcare Company Announces Lisa Leatham-Vancil, LCSW as Director of Therapy and Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) to the Reno Clinic

Mrs. Leatham-Vancil's duties will include but not limited to fostering a clinical based practice and supervising the clinicians' that have direct contact with our clientele, supporting the practice physicians, and foster an excellent working relationship with all practice team members and the community. She will be responsible for recruiting, selecting, and training clinical staff. Mrs. Leatham-Vancil, LCSW will ensure practice growth through identifying, recommending, and implementing practice needs including: staffing, treatment modalities and programs that our facilities provide. She will be responsible for executing programs and meeting the needs of the client's as directed by the community, physicians and management as well as ensuring that the practice is running efficiently to keep patient satisfaction high.

Las Vegas Based Healthcare Company Announces Michael P. Casal, MD, FACOG, as Director and Supervising Physician for Women's Services in the Northern Nevada Behavioral Health Care and Family Clinic

Las Vegas, NV - (March 22nd, 2017) – The Well Care Group announces Michael P. Casal, MD, FACOG to their Behavioral Health Care and Family Practice in Reno, Nevada.Dr. Michael P. Casal’s duties will include overseeing clinic operations, as well as service patients in The Well Care Group’s Reno Nevada clinic. Dr. Casal brings not only experience and knowledge to the Reno clinic but also his passion for medicine. Dr. Casal is fluent in Spanish and Tagalog, allowing The Well Care clinic to service a wide variety of patients.

Las Vegas-Based Healthcare Company Announces Alexis N. Lyon-Claus as Clinic Administrator to The Reno Clinic

Las Vegas, NV - (February 23rd, 2017) –The Well Care Group announces Alexis N. Lyon-Claus to their Behavioral Health Care and Family Practice in Reno, Nevada. Mrs. Lyon-Claus duties will include but not limited to supervising and direct the work of employees in assigned practice, supporting the practice physicians, and foster an excellent working relationship with all practice team members.

Las Vegas based healthcare company launches new clinic in Reno

The Well Care Group announced the opening of their Behavioral Health Care and Family Practice in Reno.After a successful opening of their Las Vegas Behavioral Health Care and Family Practice in 2015 and another 8,000 square foot Medical and Behavioral Clinic in January 2016, they have now expanded their efforts to northern Nevada.

Homelessness and Mental Illness

When most Nevadans' think of the holidays, thoughts of joy, love and spending time with family comes to mind. This is the case for many of our state's population but not for all of our Nevada residents. For our homeless and mentally ill population, the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. This is extremely stressful and troublesome for those who are homeless, and suffer from mental health.

AAG gives annual Asian American Community Awards

On Saturday, Sept. 24, the Asian American Group (AAG) presented Community Achievement Awards to 13 outstanding Las Vegas citizens.  This is the twelfth anniversary of the Gala Awards night.  The event, which was sold out with over 530 attendees, was held at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino Grand Ballroom. Attendees wore traditional dress for their countries of origin or evening wear.  There were cocktails and a silent auction prior to the program, which included entertainment from India and China, the awards and dinner.

Well Care clinic aims to help defragment services offered as part of mental health care

Well Care Behavioral and Medical Clinic recently celebrated the opening of its newest location at 5412 Boulder Highway. In partnership with Amerigroup Nevada, a Medicaid-managed care organization with approximately 162,000 Clark County members, the 8,200-square-foot clinic offers wrap-around services aimed at breaking the cycle of despair experienced by people like Michael.

Well Care offers solutions to people struggling with economic and behavioral (substance and/or mental) challenges that impact their overall health. The goal of the new clinic is to “take a person from complete hopelessness back into community living,” said Well Care Services founder and president Marce Casal.