PAR Specialist

Role and Responsibilities

The PAR Specialist will ensure all clients/potential clients eligible for clinical services (Therapy, IOP, RMH, etc.) have appropriate Prior Authorization Requests completed and submitted timely and efficiently.  The primary PAR Specialist duties are as follows:


  • Complete PAR’s (Prior Authorization Requests) timely and efficiently for Therapeutic and RMH services (additional PAR’s for services as assigned)

  • Track submission dates, expiration dates and other pertinent timeframes to ensure no lapses or gaps occur in services

  • Communicate with service providers to ensure all necessary information/documentation has been received for submission

  • Communicate with stakeholders (Anthem Healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.), clinicians and staff to ensure coordination/authorization of services is attainable

  • Assist with appeals process as necessary

  • Track and complete re-authorizations for services  

  • Other duties as assigned


Qualifications and Education Requirements

Minimum High Diploma

(2) Years’ Experience in Healthcare Field

Excellent Writing Skills

Excellent Communication Skills

Excellent Customer Service Skills

Ability to problem solve and respond quickly/multitask efficiently

Ability to utilize technology and software (laptop, email, telephone, Google drive, Microsoft office, etc.)

Ability to gather information and synthesis information received

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Preferred Skills

Excellent Typing Skills

Excellent Customer Service Skills

Experience in Behavioral Health/Medical Setting